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Mission : 

  • Green Heaven Language Schools aim at making a unique educational change in the Egyptian community as a first stage before moving up to the international community, in Green Heaven we believe that any community that is trying to recover from mistakes and stand in the lead of the international community; has no any other way but to create a whole new generation that can exceed the limits of the reality and seeks to reach his goals in addition to changing the future, a generation that believes nothing is impossible at all.

  • From here, we had the idea of Green Heaven Language Schools; in Green Heaven we have made our own curriculums that has no relation with the existed reality that only seeks to get done with the books to answer the final tests, our own curriculums invite students to think and use their hidden abilities in their minds, we seek to find the hidden talents and creativity inside each one of us.

Green Heaven Language Schools have no doubt that we are going to see the results of our ideas very soon, we can’t wait to celebrate this moment!


Vision : 

  • Green Heaven believes that the family of the student has no role regarding the educational process but to prepare the good environment to help him with learning, the family is not responsible directly about the educational inputs of the students, hence Green Heaven makes a deal with the family to ensure that no families are engaged in the educational process, students of Green Heaven have no home works to do at home as we believe such duties are killing the creativity in our students, we help the students to reach their maximum abilities of learning along with caring for the individual differences between the students. We manage to do that by doing the following: we start by performing an academic evaluation for the students at the beginning of the academic year and that is the base of recognizing the academic level of the students. During the first month of the year we teach the academic curriculum for the students, followed by an evaluation twice a month then it’s time for the next step regarding defining the academic level of the students, after that we divide the students – without letting them know about it- into three categories, weak students are taught privately every day with a special teacher for each subject to help him to be in the same level as his colleagues so we can fill the gap between what he really is and what he should be, meanwhile super intelligent students are prepared to study the following level after getting done with his current level earlier than his colleagues.


  • Green Heaven believes that science origin is the heart; the king of the body, so you can never force it to do anything against his will, also it won’t let anything to enter unless if it really wants to, so we found the best way teach the students especially kindergarten and primary levels, as a result our first step in Green Heaven was to make students belong and believe in the idea of Green Heaven so it could be the most significant affecting factor in their lives.

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عنوان فرع زايد :

الشيخ زايد ؛مدخل هايبر ؛أول يمين ؛ مدخل آل الغول ؛خلف كمباوند رويال سيتى • تاني شمال


عنوان فرع المحور : 

المتجه من الشيخ زايد يصعد المحور ثم نطلع كوبري فودافون أعلى المحور / نعديه وندخل يمين دقيقتين ثم ندخل أول يمين نسير حتى نجد بوابه المدرسة


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Phone: 01066168311 - 01121296511

Fax: +000 00000000


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